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Vibrating energy from the universe

flowing through our body to the earth… 



Naakten diptych

acrylic on wood   2 x 40 x 80 cm  (sold)



acrylic on canvas  60 x 90 cm  (for sale)


Dance (diptych)

gouache/pastel on paper  2 x 40 x 60 cm (for sale)


Marianne diptych

oilpaint on cardboard   2 x 40 x 80 cm

(collection of the artist)


La fesse

acrylic on canvas  60 x 80 cm  (for sale)



acrylic on canvas  60 x 80 cm  (sold)



gouache/pastel on paper  60 x 80 cm  (sold)



gouache/pastel on paper   50 x 60 cm  (sold)


Marion  (sold)

oilpaint on cardboard  70 x 100 cm


Three women

gouache/pastel on paper    70 cm x 90 cm   (sold)