Born on 6 May, 1961 in Schayk, The Netherlands



Academy of  Arts in Maastricht

Teaching degree (‘eerste graads’)

Department ‘TeHaTex’ in the subjects:drawing and graphic art, history of art, observing art and educational theory


Marketing Course ‘Centrum Vakopleiding’ in Maastricht

Andre Kok has pursued drawing, painting and graphic art after he finished his teaching and marketing degrees. The artist feels strongly linked to nature. Recurrent motifs are trees and mountains; he gains inspiration during hiking trips in the Alps, Pyrenees, Dolomites and during numerous walks in the hills of Limburg. The naked female body is also a frequent source of inspiration.

Some of Andre Kok’s work is figurative, other work is abstract, and sometimes, figurative and abstract forms are combined. Recently, the tendency has been towards more abstract forms. His work is always emotionally charged: emotions that find their origins in his personal experience with human interactions, his perceptions of mankind and the world, and nature. These emotions manifest themselves in an exuberant colour scheme and in powerful, expressive lines.

With respect to his graphic art, Andre Kok has acquired the skills of silk-screen printing and zinc lithography. In recent years, he has started to combine these techniques in his work. Silk-screen printing for the colourful, picturesque elements and zinc lithography for linear elements. He uses pastel and gouache for his drawings and paintings.

Again, each technique serves specific purposes: pastels for linear, drawn elements and gouache for the picturesque.


1988   ‘Quartet exposition’, Maastricht, exposition of graphic art

1988   Industrial price of North Limburg for graphic art,Belgium

1989   Exposition in gallery Simera, Maastricht,

1990   Exposition ‘Frans Masereelcentrum for graphic art’, Kasterlee, Belgium

1990   Exposition in the ‘Redoute’, Maastricht, group exhibition,

1992   Exposition in ‘Kritzraedthuis’, Maastricht,

1993   Exposition in the ‘Theatre aan het Vrijthof’, Maastricht,

1994   Biennale ‘Art meets Art’, MECC Maastricht, graphics

1994   International graphic art biennale ‘Het nieuwe zien’, MECC Maastricht

1995   Graphic art exposition in Erfurt, Germany

1997   Exposition Graphic Art Workshops, Maastricht

1999   Galerie Lamber, Valkenswaard

2000   Galerie Wijck, Maastricht

2001   Kunsttour Maastricht, expo vm brandweerkazerne

2002   Kunsttour Maastricht, het Bassin

2003   Groepsexpositie Wiebinga-hal, Maastricht

2005   20 jaar schilderijen en grafiek’, stedelijk museum Roermond

2006    European Intsitute E.C.D.P.M , Maastricht

2006    Galerie Soutenburcht, Stoutenburg

2009    Galerie AchterdeBeek, Beek

2013:   Expo Atelier Ravelijn, Maastricht

2015:   Kunstplein O.l.Vrouweplein. Maastricht

2015:   expo Ateliers Mariabastion, Maastricht

2016:   International Expo ‘Kunst aan de kade’ , Delft

2017:   Expo Kunstplein OLV , Maastricht

2018:   Expo ‘Rondje watertoren’, Schimmert

2018: Expo Kunstplein OLV , Maastricht

2019: Exhibitiom ‘Rondje watertoren’ Schimmert

2018: International Expo ‘L’art pour elkaar’,  Maastricht

2019: Expo museum Maassluis, Maasluis

2019: International Expo WAG NG Mexico

Commissioned work include:


Municipality of Maastricht

Eijkhagencollege   Landgraaf

Mecenas, Leiden

Henze Groep, Geleen

VB Accountants

Rotary Club Heerlen

GAK  Maastricht

Graphic Workshops    Maastricht

European Institute of Public Administration

Flemish Community, Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht,

Town Museum Roermond,

and others own work by Andre Kok.